Webinar: international CDR funding, markets & policy

Samuel Eberenz, Risk-Dialogue Foundation

The recording of the first webinar of the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform from May 17, 2022 is available online! Watch the video here or on Youtube.

The webinar focused on international developments in CDR funding, markets and policy and was moderated by Samuel Eberenz of the Risk Dialogue Foundation. We had the pleasure of welcoming two guest speakers who provided interesting insights into their work and answered questions from the webinar audience:

Louis Uzor started by explaining that for the first time, the IPCC assessed climate scenarios that incorporate Direct Air Capture (DAC), for which Climeworks is the European technology leader. Last summer, Climeworks launched the world’s largest DAC plant Orca in Iceland. The presentation first outlined what brought Climeworks and DAC to its current position. Then it went into the political enablers a company like Climeworks needs right now and ended with a political perspective on structural shifts in climate policies that they see linked to the realization of DAC at scale.

Eve Tamme continued by stating that Europe is finally tackling the missing part in its climate policy toolbox – carbon removal. The upcoming Certification for Carbon Removals aims to feed into both the voluntary and regulatory carbon markets. If executed well, this will serve as an example globally. Meanwhile, countries are including various carbon removal methods in their Long Term Strategies. The role of carbon removal in the carbon markets under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement will grow. Eventually, the carbon markets will become carbon removal markets. In her presentation, Eve Tamme shared her insights on carbon removals in European and international climate policy.

We thank all participants for their valuable contributions!


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