Welcome to the landing page of the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform (CDR Swiss)!

Switerland’s long-term climate strategy depends on a

rapid scale-up of carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

__We intend to advance negative emission approaches

in a sustainable and publicly acceptable way…

…by connecting stakeholders, starting a public debate

and initiating joint innovations__


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Ethical challenges of carbon removal in Switzerland
What are the ethical challenges to be considered in the development of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) methods in Switzerland and beyond? What can decision-makers do?
CDR in the ‘Glacier Initiative’ and the CO2 Act
In this article, we provide information on the current status of CDR regulation in Switzerland and the expected developments in the coming years.
Webinar: International CDR funding, markets & policy
CDR Swiss Webinar with Eve Tamme (Climate Principles) and Louis Uzor (Climeworks) on international developments in CDR funding, markets & policy – Watch the recording online!

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