Happy Birthday, CDR Swiss!

Yesterday, the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform celebrated their first birthday! During the member assembly on December 8, 2022, we could not only look back at an exciting year but also celebrate the growth of our member base to 50 organisations from administration, industry, research and civil society. 2022 was a year with a high dynamic in the field of CDR, and we expect more dynamic times ahead, as more and more organizations are getting serious with regard to net-zero – looking at the role of carbon removals in their strategies to get there, as well as the role they can play in removing CO2 from the atmosphere. At CDR Swiss, we will continue navigating this dynamic environment together, building on a year rich in exchange and collaboration, for instance in the working groups, workshops and webinars of the platform.

Many thanks to the all the members who attended th member assembly in Zurich on December 8, and enriched the afternoon with their valuable inputs and ideas on how the platform can further evolve and grow. A special thanks goes to Gaurav Ganti and Claire Fyson from Climate Analytics for their key note on “Fair share carbon dioxide removal for Switzerland” and Simon Fellermeyer from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment for his update on CDR related negotiations at COP27. The two interesting and thought-provoking keynotes helped situating the Swiss CDR ecosystem in the international context.

We are looking forward to continuing our mission together with you – we want to be scaling up CDR sustainably together!


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